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Permanent Make Up

Permanent Make Up

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Permanent Make Up is a permanent to semi-permanent way to wear your makeup and always look your best.

The cost your makeup includes all of your anesthetics, pigments, cartridges and after care for optimal results.

For the work done by Steele to be guaranteed, there is a required touch-up appointment within 6-12 weeks after your initial procedure at a separate fee, to make sure you love your permanent make up for years to come.

All of the permanent make up procedures have a lifespan of 5 years. At that time you can choose to have them redone or allow them to continue to fade out.

Repair work to correct other technicians permanent make up work is not guaranteed. Discounts are offered for multiple bookings and returning permanent make up clients. 

30 min to 3 hours 30 minutes depending on area

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What is permanent makeup (PMU?)

Permanent make up is a semi-permanent to permanent way to wear your makeup to always look your best. For those looking to enhance their natural features with a longer lasting result PMU is a wonderful option.

How often do I have to touch up my PMU?

All of Simply Steele’s PMU procedures have a lifespan of 5 years. A single touch-up appointment scheduled within 4-12 weeks after your initial procedure is required to ensure the guarantee of your permanent makeup.
: Repair work to correct other technicians or at-home permanent makeup is not guaranteed.

Does permanent makeup hurt?

The PMU area will be numbed for approximately 30 minutes, with topical anesthetic, prior to the tattooing process. Initial discomfort is possible however subsides with continual application of lidocaine/tetracaine.

How does my technician determine thickness and color?

With over 20 years of experience, Steele is able to color match and tailor your brows, lips and eyeliner specifically to YOU. Steele chooses shades, shapes, and thickness’ to compliment every brow bone and unique skin tone.

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